Southern Colours Adventures

Several times throughout the year, the artists of Southern Colours depart the studio setting to experience the challenges of outdoor painting or just to get together.  We hope you'll enjoy viewing some of our lighter moments.


Adventure Bound

Aboard the Barge headed to Creighton Island! March 24, 2006

Keeping warm in the chilly March weather.

Breakfast at Frank's Place

Cyndi Marble enjoys a hot breakfast!

Breakfast Hosts

Frank Williams (owner of the island) and Carly Clements (waffle maker!)

Campfire Breakfasts

Hot coffee was ready! and plans for the day made.

Cow Watching?

...or is it a model session?

Ceremony of the Headdress

Sara Grossman joined into the fun of creating a native headdress for a campfire ceremony.

Is it a face mask or a headdress!!

Sandra Anderson (guest artist) created a Great Warrior headdress.

Local Mode of Transportation

Frank on the John Deere with trailer!

Second Mode of Transportation

Carly on Henry Ford!!


Fearless Leader, Carly....

cracks the whip!

Curious Cow!

The Angus on the island love to watch the artists at work.

Collage of Scenes from Creighton Adventure

We really did paint!!

All are ready to return!!


Painting at Nedra's Garden, June, 2006

Arleen captures the flowers beside the garage in oils.

Dolly chose the front drive as a good location to paint from.

Judy hid away on the garden steps to work her watercolor magic.

Sandy is deep in thought. Quite a plein air set up, too!


Diana's bold beginning to a garden painting.

Sally Arnold captures the fragrance of the gardenias.

Sara contemplates colors.

Summer 2007 Painting Adventure at the Sunflower Fields, Rutledge, GA

The Outhouse is a fun subject!


Donna Biggee comes home with a very large bouquet!

Arleen Turzo and Sallie pick a bouquet from the fields

Sallie Arnold checks out the vegetable and herb garden

Sallie Arnold and Arleen Turzo
keeping in the shade on a sunny day for outdoor painting

Randy Eidson and Dolly Alexander painting the fields


Autumn in Ellijay, Georgia - A Weekend Painting Adventure

Diana's Masterpiece

Oops! Dropped my pastel!

For painting indoors

This looks cool!

A painting waiting to happen

Ellijay Creek Bottom

Sallie gets serious

Sally's goldfish & waterlilies

Sally, Nedra and Toby

Getting the right shot

Is it breakfast, lunch or dinner?


Our Holiday Luncheon - December, 2007

Table talk

What's so funny?

Who's giving the advice?


Russian tea makes us smarter


Love that leopard!

More table talk

A serious conversation

Serving up.......

A delicious feast.....

For everyone!

The hostess with the mostest!








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